Proper Brexit, Independent BritainProper Brexit, Independent BritainProper Brexit, Independent BritainProper Brexit, Independent Britain

I want to leave the EU completely, with full control of our laws, borders, money and trade. That is the Brexit we voted for.



Many people in Suffolk Coastal have inadvertently thrown away (or mislaid ) their ballot papers. If you ring 01502 23320 or email from Friday onwards and tell them you have lost/ mislaid your postal vote, they will arrange another. Your old/missing ballot paper will automatically be cancelled.

Quote of the day

Quote of the Day

“I will forgive no one who does not respect the sovereign voice of the British people once it has spoken... When the British people have spoken you do what they command. Either you believe in democracy or you don’t.     

Paddy Ashdown, 24th July 2016, while awaiting the referendum result

Why I'm standing as an Independent candidate

Proper Brexit, not Boris blagging

Brexit will not have taken place until we have full control of our fishing waters- whatever the Conservatives claim. 

M. Barnier believes it will be at least three years until we reach agreement.

Will they make it four years, five years or even ten, demanding regulatory compliance determined by the European Court of Justice?

Will we ever be independent at all with this dreadful deal?

Do you trust Therese Coffey and Boris Johnson?


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